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Exciting new service!

Cerec final picture

We are now offering same day CEREC restorations!

Despite being new to our office, CEREC has been in use at thousands of dental offices worldwide since 1985. It’s one of the most widely researched and reliable technologies in dentistry, and has produced consistent, beautiful results for over six million patients over the years.

CEREC works in one single appointment, so you can rest assured that the addition of CEREC to our office will make the process easier, more comfortable and more efficient. It lets the doctor take a digital impression of your tooth using a specialized digital camera, model your crown, veneer or filling on the screen in front of you and then produce the restoration while you relax in the chair.

For a limited time, we’re offering free smile make-over consultations to celebrate our new and exciting service! You can set up an appointment online here or call us at 703-777-7307 to get started. We look forward to seeing you!

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